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Protector Mini Personal Alarm from £2.75

BuyTradePayLess | ALL Products | Alarms, Personal Alarms and Crime Prevention Products | Personal Attack Alarms | 

Protector Mini Personal Alarm with 2yr Guarantee

Product Information

Protector Mini Personal Alarm with 2yr Guarantee

  Ref: 546

Tested and used by Government Agencies and supplied complete with 2yr Guarantee. The Protector Mini personal alarm offers many features of the larger Protector III alarm but in a small compact format. Features include pull cord activation, 140db loud siren and battery fitted. This unit is small compact and has a bag clip/belt clip, will fit into a pocket, on a bunch of keys or fits into a purse easily. Also known as personal attack alarms or rape alarm. This product is one of our most popular alarms and is used by Police, Local Government Police and councils.

Approximate size is 3cm wide by 5cm high by 2.5cm deep. Comes with battery fitted, ready to use. The protector Mini is £140db
Batteries 3pcs AG13 included

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(4.19 Including VAT at 20%)


<span style='font-family: Verdana;font-size: 8px;'>Gas Personal Alarm Slimline</span>Gas Personal Alarm Slimline
<span style='font-family: Verdana;font-size: 8px;'>Protector III Personal Alarm</span>Protector III Personal Alarm

BuyTradePayLess | ALL Products | Alarms, Personal Alarms and Crime Prevention Products | Personal Attack Alarms | 

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